Journey to Wise Leadership

Wisdom DevelopmentKnowledge without meaning, and analysis without synthesis have all resulted in imbalances that ultimately have been destructive to leaders and their teams.

Wisdom cannot be acquired through a two-day training. We cannot say, “Memorize this or read that and you will be wise.” While the accumulation of knowledge may allow someone to become smart, wisdom is brought forth more delicately. It can be cultivated by our practices and priorities while leading.

The question then surfaces: What can we do to develop wisdom? Accelerating oneself on the path to wisdom can take several stages.


Week One – Journey to Wise Leadership

The journey to wise leadership is a continuous process of self-discovery, personal growth, and development that goes beyond traditional cognitive leadership skills. Wise leadership focuses on holistic leadership qualities that contribute to the well-being of individuals, organizations, and society. The journey to wise leadership requires dedication, introspection, and a willingness to learn from experience.


Week Two – Learning from Our Experiences

Learning from our experiences is a dynamic and ongoing journey that enriches our lives, shapes our character, and empowers us to navigate the complexities of life with greater confidence and understanding. Specifically, you will investigate your Leadership Identity, which comprises your beliefs, values, and attitudes.


Week Three – Self-Awareness Through Self-Inquiry

Self-inquiry encourages self-acceptance by allowing you to see yourself without judgment or denial. This self-acceptance forms the foundation for building a positive self-image. Self-awareness is a foundation for personal growth, effective communication, emotional regulation, and healthy relationships. It empowers individuals to lead more fulfilling lives by making informed choices and fostering positive connections with themselves and others.


Week Four – Depth of Understanding Through Self-reflection

Self-reflection encourages you to dive beneath the surface and explore the depths of your thoughts, emotions, imaginations, and experiences. This intentional exploration allows you to uncover layers of understanding that might otherwise remain hidden, leading to a more profound and insightful relationship with yourself and the world around you.


Week Five – Intuitive Insight Through Deep Listening

Intuitive insight is a profound and innate ability within every leader that allows them to gain an understanding beyond the limits of logical thinking and rational analysis. It involves tapping into our unconscious and essence, accessing more profound wisdom and knowledge. This intuitive intelligence enables us to perceive and comprehend information not readily available through our senses or conscious awareness.


Week Six – Wisdom Moments are Transcendent

Going beyond self-centered thinking, wise leaders cultivate an outlook that embraces broader perspectives and societal impact. Wisdom moments transcend the ordinary by offering profound insights that touch upon universal truths, enduring principles, and fundamental aspects of the human experience. They elevate our understanding, inspire personal growth, and connect us to deeper dimensions of ourselves.


PeopleSavvy has implemented a 30-year study of wisdom development. This process facilitates each leader in developing their own innate wisdom. We work with senior leaders individually or in small groups. We use a small group process when working with emerging leaders. If you’d like to know more, please contact us for a free discovery call. Please use the Contact form on this website.


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If you'd like to know more, please contact us for a free discovery call.