Transcendent Leadership: Transcendent leaders connect purpose with loving, and move past the anchors of ego-centric limitations. Having deep self-awareness of being human while transcending the boundaries of humanness, these leaders guide themselves and others through a continually shifting landscape of personal, interpersonal, and organizational challenges.


“Transcendent Leadership is a major contribution to the field of leadership so essential today, when we need more consciousness amongst those in leadership roles and those who will see the need to step into those roles. A must for any executive library.” 
John Renesch, Futurist, Author of Getting to the Better Future and other books.

” I just finished reading this magnificent book. It is so chock full of beautiful messages that I will reread it and continually return to it.”
Frank Peabody III, Co-Chair, ” Collaborative for Spirituality in Education,” Teachers College – Columbia University.

“Contemporary leadership dilemmas require rising above the gridlocked systems in place. Trying harder has not helped us mature and evolve. Transcendent Leadership sheds light in the labyrinth of anxiety-driven quick-fixes society demands and frames questions that awaken the boldness of the heart. You have written a book worth savoring.”
Marcos Cajina, Ed.D.; D.S.S., Founder & CEO, Renewal.
Author of Leadership Convergence, Oxford Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation (Springer, 2018).

“In the challenging environments in which organizations find themselves operating today, It is their vitality that will allow them to flourish in the future. Transcendent Leadership provides both the inspiration and the principles needed to bring forward and harness organizational vitality, along with the roadmap for applying them. It is the quantum leap forward leaders need.
Barney Singer, JD, Ed.D.

WOW! ˇTranscendent Leadership is a sublime integration of head, heart, spirit and all in between. It heralds this kind of leader emerging in our sights and just in time! By the end of the book I was feeling uplifted, motivated and liberated.”
Lily Cubrilo, Co-Founder, Director – Acumen Global Partners

Dr. Stebbins’ Transcendent Leadership uses clear and understandable language to offer a more effective form of leadership that leads from a loving heart and a higher consciousness. His well-researched book “walks the talk” by using his background as both a corporate consultant and as a lifelong seeker of a more effective way to lead — both in the corporate setting and in our own individual realms of excellence in our everyday lives.”
Clifford M. Rees, JD

PeopleSavvy for Leaders: Leaders who master PeopleSavvy® leverage the Human Side of Success, resulting in higher levels of employee engagement, lower rates of career derailment and increased organizational vitality. Skill development is very important for leader effectiveness. In plain language this book tells you exactly how you can earn trust within your organization and create lifelong relationships. By applying PeopleSavvy’s simple techniques, you will find yourself naturally:

  • Accommodating the needs of others and their real motivations so you can ensure your organization’s vitality.
  • Aligning your behavior so that individual and team interactions inspire employee engagement
  • Applying the kinds of words individuals respond to, so you can present yourself in ways they will embrace and employ

The PeopleSavvy principles were developed over four decades of extensive research in interpersonal psychology tempered with more than three decades of practical, in-the-field testing and refining. These are not “sounds good in school” theories, they are out-in-the-world proven practices. Leaders in numerous industries will tell you they owe much of their success to being PeopleSavvy.

PeopleSavvy for Sales Professionals: Among the many books to assist you, PeopleSavvy for Sales Professionals stands out. In plain language it tells you exactly how you can earn customer trust, create lifelong relationships, and be recognized as a valued partner in your customer’s business. The PeopleSavvy® principles were developed over years of extensive research in interpersonal psychology and tempered with more than three decades of practical in-the-field testing and refining. These are not “sounds good in school” theories; they are out-in-the-world proven practices. Sales leaders in numerous industries will tell you they owe much of their success to PeopleSavvy®. This is the first time they are offered in Kindle book form and available to anyone in the field of sales. If you would like to gain the edge, build lasting customer relationships, and enjoy the rewards of being a leader in the field, then this book is for you.


“In a day and age when companies struggle with how to differentiate their product and service, this book will teach you how YOU can become the point of differentiation.”
Mark. S. Toomey, Division VP Sales, Sodexho Corporate Services

PeopleSavvy is loaded with proven tools, techniques, and insight that will allow the reader to be far more effective in interacting with people in general, not just in a traditional sales environment, but in every professional business environment, CEO to Secretary. I have read countless books in this genre. Most are more appropriate for Book Summaries and are loaded with filler. No filler in PeopleSavvy. Every page adds value and introduces a new insight.

Fundamentally, business at every level is about communicating, achieving consensus or agreement, and then taking action. The tools that you will gain from PeopleSavvy will transform your ability to deal effectively with everyone in your business life.

I have recommended PeopleSavvy to associates in both leadership and sales positions. Based on their feedback and my experience, I will continue to do so.
Glen Esnard

“People buy people, not product, price, service, or support. This book, guide really, from a world-class salesman, sales manager, and sales consultant will enable you to develop the skills to ‘STAND OUT’ in this highly competitive world.”
Jeff Roy, Director of Channels & Field Operations, Diligent Technologies Corporation

PeopleSavvy for Sales Professionals will make you a better salesperson. You can’t help but start applying what you’ve learned immediately once you start reading it. Author Gregory Stebbins does a brilliant job explaining–in an easy-to-understand writing style–how you too can master the human side of success. I found myself going back and re-reading passages. Keep a copy handy well after the first reading.
Keith Dorney

“Greg’s insights and techniques as described in PeopleSavvy have made a significant positive impact on those executives and sales personnel who have applied them. They work!”
Henry Van Dyke, Senior Vice President, Fluor Corporation

Most sales books are a rehash of the same things that have been published for the last 30 years. This book is different – very different. If you’d like to get inside a person’s head to really understand what they want and have them tell you exactly how to sell to them, then this book is for you. If you’ve run into a roadblock with any client and can’t figure out how to move forward, this book will give you the foundation to change all of that.

Dr. Stebbins is a true professional in every sense of the word. Plus he’s been selling for over 30 years. I’ve taken training with him and have used him as a coach, long before his book came out. PeopleSavvy for Sales Professionals is icing on the cake.
Blaine Kelley

This book has something for all level Sales Professionals. Having been sales professional for the last 34 years, I found this book a clear and concise guide to not only the selling/buying process, but the essential building blocks to establishing long-term trusting business and personal relationships. Reading this book provides one with insightful and practical foundations as to how we can better relate to people and earn their trust and respect.

I would recommend this book not only to sales professionals but anyone who is interested in fostering deeper and more fulfilling interpersonal relationships, whether they be with clients or friends.
James P. Center