PeopleSavvy® for Sales ProfessionalsWritten by Gregory Stebbins, Ed.D.

The PeopleSavvy® program has been delivered to sales professionals around the globe. In plain language it tells you exactly how you can earn customer trust, create lifelong relationships, and be recognized as a valued partner in your customer’s business. The PeopleSavvy® principles were developed over years of extensive research in interpersonal psychology and tempered with more than three decades of practical in-the-field testing and refining. These are not “sounds good in school” theories; they are out-in-the-world proven practices.


“If you only buy just one book on the art of selling professionally this year, make it this one. I cannot recommend it highly enough . . .”
Jonathan Farrington, Publisher – Top Ten Sales Articles

“In a day and age when companies struggle with how to differentiate their product and service, this book will teach you how YOU can become the point of differentiation.”
Mark S. Toomey, Division VP Sales, Sodexho Corporate Services

“People buy people, not product, price, service or support. This book, guide really, from a world class salesman, sales manager and sales consultant will enable you to develop the skills to `STAND OUT ‘ in this highly competitive world.”
Jeff Roy, Director of Channels & Field Operations, Diligent Technologies Corporation

“Dr. Stebbins explains sophisticated concepts and techniques used by many psychologists. He simplifies and clarifies those concepts and makes them immediately applicable and easily usable. Moreover, he clarifies how valuable they are and why they work.”
C.S. Clarke, Ph.D., Publisher – SuperPerformance, Inc.

“Greg’s insights and techniques as described in PeopleSavvy® have made a significant positive impact on those executives and sales personnel who have applied them. They work!”
Henry Van Dyke, Senior Vice President, Fluor Corporation