In 1989 Dr. Stebbins founded Stebbins Consulting Group. The company created a program for sales professionals that focused on relationship selling skills. This program was delivered to many Global 100 companies in the United States, Europe and South America. Over the next ten years different versions of the program were customized for different industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Insurance, Real Estate, etc.


By 1995 Dr. Stebbins was also providing executive coaching focused on people skills. Many companies were discovering that promoting a leader who had good technical skills but minimal people skills did not succeed in the next level position as planned. From his coaching experience, he developed a peoples skill program for high potentials within a corporate organization.


In 2000, Jennifer Cayer joined the company full time. Her extensive background in Human Resources facilitated an expansion of the services provided to an organization’s sales and leadership teams.


In 2001, one of our major clients asked us to formulate a coaching program using our people skills’ expertise for their sales teams. Coaching was delivered to sales teams throughout the United States and Europe. These teams dominated their marketplace, producing significant revenues for our client.


In early 2003 the company changed its name to PeopleSavvy®, which reflected the major focus of training, coaching and consulting services offered to its customers. The PeopleSavvy® name was trademarked in 2004.


By early 2007, PeopleSavvy® for Sales Professionals was published and continues to be used as the prime text for the training program with the same name.


In 2008, PeopleSavvy® developed an on-boarding approach that leveraged hiring the right talent, developing a blended learning model focused on product, process and skill development and follow-on coaching to ensure that sales professionals ramped quickly and produced sustainable revenue. This program is now called Fast-Q.


In 2010, Jennifer Cayer took the reigns as President and then CEO of PeopleSavvy®. Under her guidance the company has continued to grow and refine it’s offerings to a wide range of clients. Dr. Stebbins continues as a Master Coach and is fully involved in developing cutting edge programs for our corporate clients.


In 2012 the Wisdom Model was developed and an initial training program called Letting Wisdom Lead was delivered in the United States and Australia. That program led to the implementation of the Wisdom Model in Executive Coaching and Executive Team Building offered by PeopleSavvy®.


In 2014 we started providing group coaching for Hi-Potential leader candidates within an organization. Using small groups of between 2 and 6 people our clients have found that this approach to developing People Savvy works better than sending the candidates to a one or two-day seminar.


In 2016 Dr. Stebbins started providing coaching focused on Transcendent Leadership. Transcendent Leaders rise above or go beyond the limits of self, moving into Self. They triumph over the limitations of what might be considered acceptable or operating from a limiting exclusive focus on scarcity. Transcendent leadership operates from “Self,” precipitating an unbounded, inclusive focus on abundance.


By late 2019, PeopleSavvy for Leaders was published and is used as the prime text for training programs and coaching with the same name.


In September 2020, Transcendent Leadership: Manifesting Organizational Vitality was published. This book lays out the next evolutionary step in the leadership trilogy – Transactional, Transformational and Transcendent Leadership.


Today, Peoplesavvy® is developing a continuing series of programs and coaching focused on developing Leadership Wisdom