The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) represents a significant advancement in assessing and developing leaders.

The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) is the first competency-based 360 assessment tool to measure behavior at various stages of adult development; to link patterns of action with habits of thought; to organize information into a developmental system based on some of the best theoretical frameworks in the leadership, psychological and spiritual bodies of knowledge; and to display information in a way that immediately draws attention to the most critical information in the feedback.

While most 360 degree assessments tell you only what is or is not contributing to leaders’ effectiveness, The Leadership Circle Profile also tells you “why” this is so. It provides insight into the leaders inner environment.  This powerful difference puts The Leadership Circle Profile in a class of its own.

Your Leader’s Opportunities for Development Instantly Rise to the Surface

The Leadership Circle Profile Benefits

  • More Revealing – it instantly reveals key opportunities for your leaders’ development without reams of documentation.
  • More Efficient – It allows the coach to start at a breakthrough point with a leader rather than spend months trying to reach one.
  • More Dynamic – HR professionals, leaders, and seasoned consultants/coaches, consistently report that TLCP facilitates authentic, breakthrough results.
  • Widely Accepted – TLCP is truly world class and used by a vast number of leading local, national, and international organizations, and government agencies.
  • More than just an assessment – The rich theoretical underpinnings of TLCP provide a pathway to transformation. No other assessment of this type offers this.

What does TLCP measure?
The Leadership Circle Profile is also designed to measure leadership behavior at multiple stages of adult development consistent with the research of Kegan, Gilligan, Cook-Grueter, Beck, Wilber, and others.

Who is TLCP intended for?
The Leadership Circle Profile integrates critical information in such a way that the consultant/coach and client can immediately see the significant patterns in the data.  Data is visually displayed so that the client is naturally drawn toward the most important issues.  TLCP elegantly displays the critical relationships between strengths and weaknesses, creative competencies and reactive tendencies, and the interaction between inner assumptions and outer behavior.

How is the TLCP unique?
TLCP is the only competency-based 360 assessment to simultaneously measure the beliefs and assumptions that organize a leader’s behavior.  This allows for far deeper insight into the underpinnings of one’s leadership than is available with other tools.

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