Hire Right

Hiring right is the first step to creating sustainable quota.

Have you had this experience? You’ve completed an extensive search for the elusive perfect sales professional for a vacant territory. After swimming through multiple resume’s, endless pre-interview phone screens and prior employment references (that told you nothing), you finally find a candidate who seems to fit everything. You hire this person. About 3 months later you begin to have questions. There are whispers about the person’s ability to relate with customers, sustainable quota has never been accomplished and you have verification that the individual is searching for a new job.

You could have known!

A scientifically validated assessment that provides you with interview questions and things to consider about the candidate would have helped you make a better decision. Using this same assessment to provide guidance for coaching and interaction with his or her manager is an added benefit.

Job fit is really about increasing retention. Turnover among newly hired sales professionals is a problem for all companies. According to a survey by Korn Ferry, between 10% to 25% of new hires leave their organization within the first six months.

The more you know about the candidate before the hire and have the tools to coach and manage after the hire, the more likely you’ll make a better hiring decision.

Choosing the right sales candidate is the first step in sustainable quota.

What does PXT SelectTM measure?
How the candidate will cope with the mental demands, how they will do the job and if they might actually enjoy the job. These represent three critical areas that impact an individual’s ability to produce sustainable quota. None of these can be found on the candidate’s resume.

What does the PXT SelectTM tell you?
It’s all about establishing job fit. Once you know the job parameters based on successful sales professionals in your organization, you will be able to determine if the candidate fits those factors.

How Does PXT SelectTM Assess a Candidate?
PXT SelectTM assessment uses computerized adaptive testing (CAT). The system successively selects questions based on what it knows about the candidate from his or her previous responses. From the candidate’s perspective, the difficulty of the exam tailors itself to his or her level of ability. No two candidates will have the exact same assessment experience.

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