Gregory Stebbins, Ed.D.

Gregory Stebbins, Ed.D.
Founder & Master Coach

Leaders who master PeopleSavvy® leverage the Human Side of Success, resulting in higher levels of employee engagement, lower rates of career derailment and increased organizational vitality.

Skill development is very important for leader effectiveness. Seminars or workshops are effective for the initial layer of development. Personalized coaching provides time for participants to deeply reflect on the personal or organizational meaning toward being a more PeopleSavvy® leader.

Dr. Stebbins has over three decades of experience coaching emerging and senior executives in the development of wisdom, which is an integration of an individual’s head (intellect), heart (courage) and hunch (intuition). The wisdom development process helps leaders examine their inner dynamics, which drive how they act in an organizational environment. Leadership effectiveness means being accountable which requires awareness of and taking ownership of moment-to-moment beliefs, fears, hopes, desires, defenses and impulses.

Team effectiveness with senior leaders requires a high level of collaborative communication to ensure that they are mutually accountable to the purpose and outcomes of the organization.

Greg’s senior business leadership experience is combined with his in-depth understanding of the complex human dynamics found in a working environment.

He is a member of the Consulting Psychologist division of the American Psychological Association and Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Honor Society. He was also selected to be a member of Forbes Coaching Council and LinkedIn’s ProFinder for executive coaching.

Transcendent Leadership

Quieting the small self allows the voice of the leader’s Spirit to emerge. Transcendent leaders demonstrate multidimensional awareness. The more open the leader’s consciousness is to awareness of all aspects of Self, the more impact he or she will have on their outer environment. Being leads doing.

Dr. Stebbins is one of the co-creators of the master’s degree program in Transcendent Leadership offered by Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy. He is an Inaugural Member of the Conscious Leadership Guild and a member of the Management, Spirituality and Religion sub-group of the Academy of Management. He has an ongoing daily meditation practice spanning more than five decades.

He earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Southern California and an Ed.D. from Pepperdine University’s school of education and psychology. Greg has been listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World for more than three decades.

Dr. Gregory Stebbins | Executive Coach