Unlocking Executive Team Wisdom

Unlocking the collective wisdom of the executive team is a major step toward competitive advantage. When communication, collaboration, and creativity are given room to breathe, the impact on both workplace behavior and strategic outcomes produce measurable profitability.

A high-performing executive team can drive your organization forward to exceed future industry expectations. A dysfunctional team can cause you to be out maneuvered by the competition.

Tapping into this collective wisdom remains a challenge for many organizations. Alignment is
 not automatic and needs to be cultivated. Instilling collaboration within the executive team by driving deep understanding of each individual team member fosters reassurance that executives can rely upon each to engage in mutual accountability.

We are moving from knowledge-based leadership toward wisdom-based leadership. Wisdom isn’t so much of a skill that one develops; rather it is a state of being that emerges from within the leader from the experience of integrating head (rational foundation), hunch (intuitive insight), and heart (humane character).