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are far-reaching because they affect so many people in an organization. It is important for leaders to understand themselves and those affected by their actions in order to make the best choices. In other words, it is important for leaders to be aware of why they are making the choices they make and what the repercussions of those choices are likely to be.

Leading with Wisdom

There are many traits that make an effective leader. However, there is one leadership trait that is rarely developed, if considered at all: wisdom—an expanded capacity for self-observation, heightened awareness and inclusive action.

We focus on four specific areas with leaders:

Coaching for Emerging Leaders: Many emerging leaders are well skilled in technology and have mastered a functional area. Often they are missing critical people skills that will impact their success starting with their first leadership assignment. Achieving a balance between technology and people skills will make or break the next generation leaders.

Coaching for Leaders in Transition: We help leaders gain a clearer perspective on where they would like to go and how they would like to get there.

Coaching for Leaders Derailing Their Career: The primary causes for career derailment: problematic personal behaviors and behavior that is out of alignment with the organizational culture. We assist leaders in developing greater self-awareness to understand the impact of derailing behaviors.

Coaching Senior Leader Development and Serving as a Trusted Advisor: If only because of human nature and the need to share, few leaders, even veterans, can do the job without talking to someone about their experiences. Yet senior leaders are often the most isolated and protected employees in the organization. We assist the leader by providing an unbiased sounding board tempered with our years of executive experience.

Outcomes You Can Count On

Executives discover within themselves leadership abilities that are clearly differentiated from their technical and professional competencies. As a result, they enjoy an increased sense of confidence that comes not only from refined awareness but from a richer understanding of who they are. This new self-assurance enhances relationships with the people that surround them and amplifies their capacity for engaging in the organizational challenges from new and broader perspectives.

Program Format Change

Since the advent of the Covid Pandemic, PeopleSavvy has changed its face-to-face coaching with Zoom online coaching. In some cases, full vaccination for example, face-to-face coaching can still take place.