Carl Erickson
Affiliate & Founder, President and CEO Beacon Worldwide

Since 1991, Carl Erickson and his team have trained, coached and guided thousands of people responsible for winning work in difficult and extremely competitive environments. Carl designed and built the Beacon Iconic Selling™ Framework, which reflects time-tested best practices in complex selling environments. He has personally implemented Beacon’s approach at numerous worldwide organizations including the magic circle law firms, Big Four, and other Fortune 1000 engineering and technology organizations.

Like most of the Beacon staff, Carl’s experience includes working in sales settings that involve highly complex and often difficult to navigate regulatory environments that directly impact the sales cycle. This includes helping clients sell into highly regulated environments as well as setting client engagement strategies that are in alignment with national and multi-national regulations like the EU’s Barnier guidelines, data privacy acts and many others.

Prior to founding Beacon, Carl was the Director of Sales and Marketing for a major US company in the energy sector. Carl has an undergraduate degree from Providence College, double masters in Finance and Marketing and a Certificate of Advanced Study from Bentley University in Human Resource Management along with multiple certifications in interpersonal profiling tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Sales Effectiveness and Management Analysis. He is also the architect of the Beacon Worldwide Sales Skills Assessment, which provides an in-depth view of exactly where an individual, team or company’s sales knowledge gaps may be impacting their go to market efforts.