Are Your Emerging and High Potentials Becoming Wise Leaders?by Gregory Stebbins, EdD

Articles in Forbes, Business Week, CEO Magazine and Harvard Business Review all agree that self-awareness is a critical to effective leadership. Self-awareness is also the starting point for leadership wisdom. As a leader’s ability to self-reflect on their beliefs, thoughts and actions deepens over time so does their capacity to make wise decisions. Making wise decisions has far reaching benefits that range from greater personal effectiveness, to a more robust bottom line.

Many leadership development programs focus on the analytical capabilities needed to leverage knowledge to make smart decisions. To transform knowledge into wisdom requires leaders to synthesize organizational and interpersonal experience. Wise leaders align and integrate head, heart and hunch to gain clarity from personal experiences and those of her or his co-workers. When wise leaders actively seek the wisdom of their co-workers, a greater reservoir of talent is tapped which creates a more engaged workforce.

Wise leaders play a key role in creating a culture that is visionary, empowering, creative and productive. Without wisdom leaders can have the best training, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but still may not reach full potential.

What is your plan to reach your full potential?


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About the Author:

Dr. Stebbins has over three decades of experience coaching emerging and senior leaders in being more people savvy. A leader’s awareness, commitment, integrity and authenticity are directly shaped by their internal landscape (the habits of thought, emotion, imagination and action).